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We may have heard about, many file sharing service providers, which provide free file sharing service. Here is one such web based application, which provide free file sharing service. You can even use this service without any signup, but for non registered users, the cloud storage capacity limits to 250 MB. However the signup is completely free of any charge, and the limit will then extent to 2 GB. There are lot more advantages, which we will discuss in this article.

ge.tt_logoGe.tt is the application which we were talking about. This applications is completely web based application and you do not require any plugin or add-on to run the application. You can use the service without any signup for instant access, but the files will remain in the ge.tt server for next 30 days and then the files will get deleted if you do not create any account. And if you signup, then the storage capacity limit will also increase, along with this the uploaded files will also remain till your account is active. You don’t have to worry, because the registration is completely free and will provide you 2 GB of storage capacity. However if you require more storage, then there are upgrade plan which are chargeable. The best part of ge.tt is the video or audio or picture file which has been uploaded completely into the cloud storage, can be previewed online and while downloading any large file, you can resume the current download and can continue the download at any other time.

How to share or transfer files via Ge.tt ?

1. Open your browser and go to the URL ge.tt


2. Now click on the Upload files button, and browse the files which you want to share. The the files will get uploaded into the remote server and you will bee asked to add email ID of your partner, with whom you want to share. You may also add some text along with it and click on the send button to send the download link. [Also view: Share Large files up to 5GB without any signup with BayFiles]

3. Once you send the mail, your partner will receive the download link. When he clicks the download link, he will be able to download the shared files, either individually or all the files at once. All the downloads are resume able.


That all, the file sharing is completed with the three simple steps. No software installation or plugin or add-on installation is required. No hazard of signup, you can use the service for instant access. However in case you want to share any secure data or file, you have to remember that the service is semi-secure, that means no one is able to view or download your shared files, until he is having the download link. But if by chance you have sent the download link to a wrong person and you are sharing a highly secure data or file, he will be able to download your shared files. So it is recommended not to use this service for sharing any file containing highly secure data or information. And if you are sharing any video or audio or picture file, you or your partner will be able to preview the file online before downloading.

And as the service is completely web based, thus it is platform independent. That means, it can be accessed from any device, such as Windows PC, Linux PC, Mac PC and even from Android Smart phones, Tablets, Apple systems such as Ipod, Iphone, Ipads etc. Ge.tt has also developed an application for Ipod, Iphone and Ipad which is available in iTune App Store. You can also integrate ge.tt with Gmail, Outlook.com and Twitter to upload and share any files, which will work only on Google Chrome browser and for that you need to install the Chrome apps from Chrome Web Store.


Thus overall, ge.tt is an excellent tool to share or transfer any files with your friends or business partner instantly. And for instant access, signup is also not mandatory to share file with size below 250 MB and it will not kill your email storage space. Can be accessed from any kind of device having active internet connection.

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