Secure or Lock Your Files and Folders–A Free Windows Apps



Now a days with the advancement of technology, the cyber crime and evil use of technology is also growing rapidly day by day. Thus we need to be very cautious while dealing with any important files or data. Antivirus companies are updating their virus definition and logics to cope up with the activities of the viruses and malwares.

Still, now a days hackers and virus developers are developing highly complex and malicious codes to drive through the loop holes of antiviruses and firewalls.
Malwares are developed or designed to steal personal or important data or information and transmit them to others via network or internet. It may come from any website or spam emails or untrusted software packages. 
While antivirus or antimalware companies are trying their best to stop the activities of malwares, but day by day new codes are being developed, which might not be stopped with the antivirus or antimalware program installed in your system.

Therefore it is a good practice to keep a second layer of protection to your important files and data by encrypting the files and folders with File Secure Free.

File Secure Free is a free windows based application, which not only encrypts and back up files or folders but also password protect files and folders. It also password protect USB drive and External hard drive. The software also provider features of file shredders which permanent deletes your confidential files and data.
Backup Files using File Secure Free
Encrypt Files using File Secure Free
Shredder Files using File Secure Free
Lock USB and External Drive using File Secure Free
Thus, to stop unauthorized access of your important files and folder, File Secure Free is a excellent tool to keep protected our PCs and Laptops from malicious or infectious codes and also from other users from common PCs.

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