How To Transfer Large Files Online With No Signups.

Now a days, the concept of cloud computing and cloud storage is gaining popularity. But most of the popular services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Skydrive etc. need signup to save or share the uploaded files. Sometimes, we need to share or transfer files online to friends or partners, or may be to keep the backup online for short period of time, then its very problematic to undergo the procedures of signup or login the system and then to change the security status of the files which you want to share and then share the links, so that your friend or partner can have access to the shared files. To avoid this kind of problem, Dropcanvas has provided a simple web based application to share or transfer large files and also to save the uploaded files for 60 days for unregistered users.


Dropcanvas is a very simple and easy, web based application to share large file upto 5 GB per canvas, that means in single term. However, there is no limitation to the number of canvases, that means you can use unlimited storage with the multiple of 5 GB. You can upload, save and share files without any registration, but for that the uploaded files will remain in the cloud space for 60 days, after that the files will get automatically deleted from the cloud space. There is also provision for registration or signup, and of no cost. For registered users, the uploaded files will never expire. However the terms of services is subjected change in future as per the decision of the service provider.

How to upload and send, share or transfer large files via Dropcanvas ?

The Dropcanvas application is too simple, all you need to have an active internet connection along with a browser. You can use this service from any device, such as Window PC, Linux or Mac PC and even from your smart phones such as Android Phones, Tablets, Ipads or Iphones. Also its browser independent application, it can be used in any browser such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, Flock and also it works on mobile browsers such as Opera Mini, Dolphin, UC Browser etc. Now, lets have a look on the procedures to upload, share or transfer files via Dropcanvas. {Also view: Manage All Your Cloud Based Apps Using Jolicloud}

1. You can either directly drag and drop, the files which you want to share or transfer into the Dropcanvas interface or may use the upload button or icon in the toolbar to browse the files and get uploaded into the Deopcanvas cloud space.


2. Once you drag and drop the files or browse the files, the files start getting uploaded into the cloud space and a share link will automatically generated in the tool along with a Send icon. You can either use the send icon to share the link via email or email or Facebook or Twitter or Reddit. You may also use embed code, in your own web site or anywhere else.


3. Once your share the link via any of the ways provided or via IM or any other way, once your partner open the link, will be able to view the files which you have uploaded, will get option to download, with an warning that the files will remain in the cloud space for the next 60 days.

Your partner will be able to download the files by clicking on the download icon or may forward the share link to some other person. However if you think in other way, without sharing, you can use the link for self use and may avail the server space for short time self backup. Thus, at a glance Dropcanvas is surely an excellent online application for sharing large files and also keep self backup for short period of time and also to share files from one device to another, as this application is a cross platform application, and can be accessed only using an active internet connection and a browser.

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