How To Make The Background Of Your Picture Transparent Online.


Making transparent background of a picture using photo edit software such as Photoshop or GIMP is bit problematic for beginners, because all of us may not have a sound knowledge about these photo editing softwares, and even if you have the knowledge, you must try out the procedure which is simple enough, leaving the complex one. There are numerous online photo editing websites, which had developed web based photo or image editing tool to edit the image online. All you have to do is to upload the image at first, then you can perform the editing tasks as per your requirement, and when the editing is complete, you can either download the edited image into your device or may save it into your online cloud storage.

Lunapic-LogoLunapic is one such web based photo editing tool, which provide lots of photo editing effects and animation effects. Making a transparent background is one such effect which can be made to the photo which is edited using Lunapic web tool. However this is not the only effect which can be made on the photo using Lunapic. But as in this article we are discussing transparent background making effect, thus we will discuss about the other fabulous effects of Lunapic later.

How to make a transparent background of a picture using Lunapic ?

The steps to make the background of a picture using Lunapic are very simple and easy. All you have to keep in mind is, if the original background of the picture is of single color, then it would be easier to make the whole background transparent in a single click. Now lets move on with the procedure to make the background of a picture transparent. [Also view: Turn Your Picture into Cartoon and add special effects to it.]

1. At first visit, and on the home page you will get upload option to upload your picture, or if you want any online image to be linked and edited, you can also do the same from “Open from Web with URL of image” section.


2. Now, when the upload is completed, the image will open in an web based editor. Now select the Transparent option, under the Edit tab.


3. Now select the color which you want to make transparent, in the uploaded picture.


4. Now once the color selection is over, the system will automatically process your image and make the selected color in the whole image as transparent.


The work is all done, now you can save or share the edited image, using the provided options directly. You can download the edited image into the physical drive of your device or PC or can save it into the Lunapic Account, or may email directly to your friends or partners or share it via Twitter or Tumblr, Picasa, Facebook or web.

tom-and-jerry-pre-edited-snap    Background1-image  Background2-image

After you change the background of the picture into transparent one, now you place the picture into whatever background you want and the picture will take the background with out any hassle. Few examples are shown above and here is another example where the transparent background picture has been place on another picture, which seems to be the background of the previously edited picture. [Also view: Convert Youtube or Flash videos directly into mp3 audio format online. ]


Thus, Lunapic is an excellent and very simple web based photo editing application, to make the background of an image transparent, with out any hassle and the interface or the application is so simple, that even a beginner can use it at an ease.

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