How To Create Facebook Account And Build Friends Network.


As per the current Facebook statistics, there are more than 500 million users in active status all over the world and out of which 50 percent of log on in a particular day. So its quiet obvious that you will be able to find your friends, in the Facebook network. So, why should you lag behind. Get connected to your friends online and start communicating your friends loop.

Steps to Create Facebook Login.

1. To create a Facebook login, you need to have an email ID. If you still do not have an email ID, you may signup at Gmail or Yahoo Mail or Rediff Mail or Live Mail or any other email providers.

2. Then you need to browse the Facebook website.

3. In the home page of the Facebook website, you will get an option to Signup for Facebook user account, as follows.

Fill up your first name, last name, email ID, Password, Sex and date of birth as required and click on the sign up button. By following the steps as required, you will be able to create your Facebook login.

4. Once you are through with this process you become an active member of the Facebook network.

Now if you want to search your pals who are connected with this Facebook network, you may search with the name of a particular friend from the search field space in the Facebook account or you may also search by any organisation name with which you and your friends are connected.

Once you find your friend by searching, you need to at first send a friend request by clicking on the "Add as Friend" in your friend's profile and your friend need to accept your friend request, only then you will be able to communicate with your friend. Once you make a friend, Facebook system will prompt your suggestive friend list, from your pal's friend list. You may there by add other people who are common to your current friend list.

Creating Facebook account do not require any charges, so why should you lag behind from other??? Create your own Facebook account and start communicating with your friends by creating your own friends network.

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